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An exclusive behind-the-scenes look in to the Smiths Hotel Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a 2 AA Rosette restaurant?

Documentary television gives us a few ideas, but here at Smiths, we’re probably not what you expected!

Smiths Kitchen Prep December 2017

No we don’t have a kitchen as big as our restaurant, in fact, very few hotels and restaurants actually do. You would be amazed at how much more efficient a kitchen can be when it is smaller, well-managed and has a great team inside. A bit like a pocket watch… it may be small in size, but it keeps perfect time! Here at Smiths, we are extremely lucky, to not only have a talented team of chefs and assistants working in our restaurant, but a fantastic groups of head chefs, who continually work, not just to develop our menu and our taste bubs, but to nurture the future talents of their team – with some of our must luxurious menus coming from their culinary genius minds!

Locally sourced meats and fresh produce

So what makes our food taste so good… well that’s simple. We buy locally and try to use as many locally-sourced and grown ingredients as we possibly can! Sure… not everything we make has come from Dumfries and Galloway or bordering Cumbria, but we certainly make sure to use as much produce as possible from as close as possible. Take our meat, for example, mostly this is sourced from nearby butcher’s here in the Borders, but our Head Chef also rears his own premium livestock which he expertly butchers and prepares fresh for Smiths! You can’t get much more locally sourced than that!

Hand-crafted desserts

As well as our meat and veg, we are very lucky to have a talented pastry chef here at Smiths, who along with her assistant chef, creates some beautiful hand-made desserts – from chocolate fondant and croquembouche to cherry sorbets and miniature cakes for our afternoon teas. If you haven’t tried our Afternoon Teas, by the way, then you genuinely don’t know what you are missing!

Smiths Desserts

Community heroes

When our chefs are not working away in the kitchen, making food dreams come true, they are out and about in the community, working with schools and other community outreach organisations to bring basic culinary and advanced cooking skills to everyone. We are exceptionally proud of the work our team do and the effort and passion that they put in to this extra work!

A team effort

We can’t forget the other half of a successful restaurant and kitchen and that’s the lovely team of waitresses and waiters and the organisers, who ensure that you get what you ordered, how you want, while its hot! Without their careful organisation skills and speed, there wouldn’t be the perfect hand-off between chef and diner!

When are you joining us

If all of this has tantalised your taste buds and made your mouth water, then don’t deny your senses… come and join us for some delicious food soon! Throughout January, you can enjoy a tasty 20% off all food, including our Bar Menu, Tea-Time Menu, Sunday lunch and A La Carte. So what are you waiting for… book a table by calling us on 01461 337007 or simply pop in past! Remember to ask your server when you order about the 20% off deal, so it can be applied to your bill.

See you soon, 

Smiths x

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