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Choosing your Gretna Green Wedding Venue

Choose to marry at the most renowned of historic marriage houses in Scotland,

Be spoilt for choice if you need a wedding venue at the most romantic location in Scotland that is Gretna Green. Whether it is the Famous Blacksmiths Shop situated at the heart of Gretna Green village, Gretna Old Parish Church or within Smiths Hotel itself if you are looking for a more modern feel for your wedding ceremony, this is one location in Scotland you should consider when looking for your ideal wedding venue.

In the nearby township of Gretna you can choose Anvil Hall, a unique and beautiful building, formerly a church.

In Gretna Green…

Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop
Famous Blacksmiths Shop

The Famous Blacksmiths Shop is the ancient building that made Gretna Green famous. The building has stood in Gretna Green since 1712 and was the earliest destination for runaway couples fleeing to marry in Gretna Green since 1754. This original room accommodates up to 45 guests.

The original marriage room, a true historic wedding venue in Gretna Green, is as it was in the 1700s. Two additional marriage rooms have been created; The Saddlery (up to 35 guests) and the Rennison Room (up to 10 guests) The Rennison Room is named after the last anvil priest who worked here until 1962.

Smiths Hotel Gretna Green
Smiths Hotel at Gretna Green

Marry in cool contemporary elegance within Smiths Marriage Hall and experience a wedding venue with a difference. Accommodates between 20 to 150 guests.

Smiths Penthouse Balcony

Luxurious surroundings overlooking the Scottish countryside. The ultimate in personal indulgence. An intimate wedding with up to 6 guests.

Gretna Green Old Parish Church
Gretna Old Parish Church


Situated beside the village green, not far from Smiths hotel, Gretna Old Parish Church, Gretna Green, is a charming venue which offers couples religious ceremonies and vow renewals. It accommodates up to 100 guests.

In Gretna and surrounding areas...

Anvil Hall Gretna
Anvil Hall

Your walk along the aisle is lit by hundreds of candles, creating a very special and romantic atmosphere, which sets Anvil Hall apart from other venues.

Anvil Hall has a capacity for up to 120 guests seated and an additional 60 standing, which makes it the largest wedding venue in the area.

 Bonshaw Tower


Bonshaw Tower

Another wonderful, historic venue near to Gretna Green, Bonshaw Tower can accommodate up to 60 guests...

Choose to marry in the ancient Chief's Room on the 1st floor of Bonshaw Tower where the ancient stone walls are lined with portraits of previous Lairds.



Remember if you want Gretna Green on your marriage certificate make sure you book a Gretna Green venue. Please be careful to check this out.



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